Simpler Journeys

Reiki, Readings and Intuitive Guidance


Life is about exploration.

We walk our paths exploring our yesterdays, today‚Äôs 

and our tomorrows.

Learning through each 

experience as we tread.


and Thank You for visiting Simpler Journeys. 

My name is Vicky Rose and I am an intuitive psychic living in beautiful Chilliwack British Columbia. 

I have always been strongly intuitive  and have been sharing this gift openly for several years.

I am also a wife, a mom, a yoga teacher, a reiki practitioner and an intuitive-psychic coach and instructor.

I created Simpler Journeys as a place to help people find their own way back to simplifying life.

I believe we can find the simplest paths in life by following our own intuition. 

Understanding and following the signs given to us through God, universal energy, 

Angels, Faeries, the natural world and our own personal guides.

I work with tools, such as Oracle cards and tea leaves to help you understand 

and work with the signs and messages you receive in your everyday life.

Please contact me through messages here or 

through Facebook.