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Interesting and Informative - Links


Reiki Links - Komyo Reiki Kai International Association - Canadian Reiki Association - Mountain Sky Reiki is an excellent source about Komyo Reiki Kai as well as the past and future of Reiki. I highly recommend this site if you are interested in or considering becoming a Reiki Practitioner.


Intuitive/Psychic Links - The main website for Lorraine Roe author of The Psychic Housewives Handbook - A website full of articles from wonderful, if reluctant, psychics. Great reading, happily showing how psychic is normal. (Including an article by me) - A lovely little metaphysical store in Cloverdale. Wonderful energy, friendly owner, lots of product.



Other Great Sites - The Healing Movements Studio is a lovely little yoga studio in Surrey, BC. It is full of wonderful people, awesome classes and is a great space to work.